Australia National Register

The National Register is the authoritative source of information on the status of registered higher education providers in Australia.


You can search by provider or course by going here -> Australian National Register

Search for providers and courses

The National Register search bar is now on the home page so you don’t need to click through to start looking.  You’ll also notice that the search is more like other Internet searches; instead of having a list of providers or courses to scroll through, you can just type the name of a provider or the name of a course into the search bar. Like most Internet searches, results are sorted by relevance.

You can still see a list of providers or courses by typing ‘provider’ or ‘course’ into the search bar and the results will show a full list of courses or providers. In the search results, you can also click on the ‘Provider’ or ‘Course’ button to see a full list of providers or courses.